Musician Cable

MOGAMI ® Love to see musician explore music without thinking to much about anything except the sound, Mogami will take care all of that with Mogami Musician series, Mogami provide of each cable musician needs.

Mogami Overdrive Guitar cable

MOGAMI Flagship guitar cable

This is reflected by the low capacitance of only 70 pF/m and the stunning presence. This results in a breath-taking sound that recreates every nuance of the instrument. Especially at higher frequencies

Mogami Patch & Speaker cable

Highest definition patch & speaker cable

Mogami Overdrive Patch Cable, reveals even more presence, dynamics and upper frequency definition than Mogami Gold Patch cable.
The Overdrive Series includes guitar, patch and speaker cables, designed to work separately or in combination with synergistic results.

Mogami Gold 2Channel cable

Mogami Accoustic Electric guitar cable

Mogami Gold Instrument 2Channel Guitar Cable was designed to work with dual-output electric and acoustic guitars.

Mogami Gold Silent cable

Mogami Gold with Silent jack

Professional engineers and musicians around the world have turned to Mogami for high-quality audio cables solution that are built to last. In fact, Mogami has invested years of research into developing some of the most transparent, “lossless” cables you can find

The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load.

Mogami Gold Instrument cable

Mogami best seller guitar cable

Whether you’re recording or performing live, you need cables that let you capture the full impact of your source. That’s what you get with Mogami Gold.

Mogami Gold Patch cable

Mogami best seller patch cable

The cable is highly insulated to assist in minimizing interference noise levels while keeping the sonic signal robust. you will never hear noise with this connection from guitar – patch – speaker on Mogami Gold series.

Mogami Gold Speaker cable

Mogami best seller speaker cable

Wound in a unique coaxial configuration specifically for the instrument and power amp to speaker interface. This cable is self-shielding, extremely neutral and faithfully transfers sonic detail, at any sound or power level, while rejecting noise transfer into or out of the cable.

Mogami Silver Custom cable

Mogami Accoustic guitar cable

Mogami Silver is genuine Mogami instrument cables built for more economical budgets than our Overdrive and Gold assemblies. Despite having an attractive price, each Mogami silver cable is made without compromise to quality using top quality connectors. 


Mogami Gold for wireless system

Digital Wireless who have Great quality sound than analog wireless system, so to deliver sound signal from guitar to wireless body pack without reduction quality you need Mogami Gold Wireless Cable.

Mogami Gold Keyboard cable

The real keyboard cable from Mogami

Introducing MOGAMI’s first keyboard-only cables! Unlike instrument cable originally designed for guitar that canbe used with keyboard, MOGAMI Gold Keyboard Cables are specifically engineered to deliver the clearest possible sound from high end keyboard.

Mogami GK-Cable

Mogami cable for Roland GK series

Mogami GKC are Flexible and lay flat on the floor no bend memory at all, because it unique wire configuration Mogami GKC can be used on longer length than original cable had up to 60′

Mogami Variax cable

Mogami cable for Line6 Variax

We introduce our Digital Guitar Cable for Line6 guitar, this cable is specific for Line6® Variax Guitar line up eg Standart Variax, Shuriken Variax, James Tyler Varian pairing them with a Line 6 Helix®, POD® HD, or Firehawk®

Mogami Kemper Profiler Remote cable

Mogami remote controller Kemper

Making replacement & positioning Kemper unit more enjoyable with flexibilty, durability and quality of Mogami cable.

Mogami L6 Link

Mogami Accoustic guitar cable

Mogami provide L6 Link cable for line up Line6 with flexibilty, durability and quality of Mogami cable.
Mogami research make this cable more longer than maximum standart L6 link cable.

Mogami Footswitch cable

Mogami all variant footswitch cable

And the last, Mogami have all type footswitch from many brand amps & footswitch, so you can use it freely with just convert 5pin to TRS or 7pin Mogami had in variant footswitch cable